John Quincy Adams - Shoa victims

Henriette Zierer 1905

. JQAW# P_1905_110 Oil on canvas dimensons unknown Signatur: John Q. Ɑdams Work lost Picture: Österreichs Illustrierte Zeitung Kunst Revue Heft 12 (1908) S.293

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Lilly Berger 1907

Full-length portrait standing, head slightly tilted, looking at the viewer. The sitter is nude except for a transparent black veil and poses in front of a rich interior: marble fireplace with decorative objects (silver goblet, [...]

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Rudolf Léon Ritter von Wernburg 1913

. JQAW# P_1913_030 Oil on canvas 71 x 58 cm Signature: J. Q. Ɑdams 913 Unknown private collection (Austria?) Picture: Künstlerhaus Archive Vienna

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Elsa von Pollack Parnegg ca. 1924

. JQAW# P_1924_030 Oil on canvas dimensions unknown Signature: unknown, but likely John Quincy Ɑdams Work lost No illustration available

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Grandmother and granddaughter Oberländer 1929/30 LOST ART!

Double portrait of an elderly lady sitting in a baroque fauteuil, next to her a young woman sitting on the armrest, her right hand around the shoulder of the grandmother. In front of the two a salon table on which open magazines [...]

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Marianne Placzek 1929

. JQAW# P_1929_160 Oil on canvas 126 x 84 cm Signature: John Quincy Ɑdams 1929 Jewish Museum in Prague Inv. Nr. 082.781

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