A research project of a catalog of works is not possible without the cooperation of many. We can gratefully build on the commendable past work of archivists, cataloguers, auctioneers, and scholarly colleagues. Likewise, the cooperation of owners of works is indispensable. For their assistance and kind support, a heartfelt thank you! Errors in interpretation, omissions and evaluations remain the responsibility of the editor Arnulf Grübler.

Of the many contributors to whom special thanks are due, I would like to single out a few in particular: First and foremost, my thanks go to Count Johannes Walderdorff, grandson of John Quincy Adams, for his constant support and multiple aids in this project. Thanks are also due, above all, to the late Countess Harriet Walderdorff (1905-1999), who was the driving force behind the 1986 exhibition and who left her extensive written legacy on Adams' works and their owners to the Künstlerhaus Archiv. For their pioneering work in compiling inventories of works by Adams, special thanks go to: Andreas Schaffer and Sylvia Eisenburger, organizers of the 1986 exhibition, who kindly made all their archival materials available; the archivists of the Künstlerhaus for their tireless gathering of information and documentation of works (and preservation of the unique incoming books): Vladimir Aichelburg, Paul Rachler, and most recently Nikolaus Domes; and especially to Alexandra Peyrer-Heimstätt (APH), the compiler of the first catalog raisonné of John Quincy Adams in 1995. Many other colleagues, friends, and art-interested owners of Adams' works have gratefully supported the research for this catalog over several years, providing material, writing or proof-reading entries, answering questions (also of a personal, family nature), taking or providing pictures, and showing hospitality. For reasons of space, they cannot be asked to appear before the curtain individually, but are listed only summarily and in alphabetical order below. To all, a heartfelt thank you for all the help, interesting conversations and insights, and especially for the many demonstrations of friendship and collegiality shown to a colleague outside the field. From my personal friends special thanks for the continuous support and help and encouragement go to: Christian, Eryl, Ingrid, and Michaela.

Alphabetical list of further acknowledgements: To be compiled as research is completed! Please be patient.