Do you own any of the works of John Quincy Adams?

Why should you, as the owner of works by John Quincy Adams, support this project and contribute by providing photographs and information?

A catalog of works as a document of our cultural heritage

1. the preservation of our cultural heritage and its research requires the cooperation of the owners of works of art. Without this, there is no research, no exhibitions, no identification with and appreciation of artistic works and our shared cultural history. To record Adam's works in private ownership, all that is requested is a color photograph of the work and the signature, the dimensions of the work, and if available, information about the person depicted, or the subject. In return, research can provide valuable information about the works in your possession. Are there counterparts and comparable works by Adams or other artists? Who is depicted, and what is the story of the person shown? So both sides can learn something through this project, a classic "win-win" situation.
2. security: in advance: the anomymity of the owners is strictly preserved, names do not appear in the catalog. References are usually made only as "private collection country" so e.g. "private collection Austria" or in the case of public collections with reference to the museum concerned. Contact details on owners are not stored electronically, but only recorded in a paper index. Information is only shared with museum curators in the case of a planned Adams exhibition (which is unfortunately extremely unlikely) and only after prior written consent from owners has been obtained. The catalog even increases the security of your private collection. In case of loss, all necessary information (format, image description, photo) is immediately at hand, corresponding warnings can be made visible in the catalog and are thus immediately apparent to the art trade or the Dorotheum in case of an attempted resale (and without costly entries, for example in the "Lost Art Register").
3. although not relevant in a scientific project, there are also economic aspects for you as the owner. Should you wish to part with Adam's works in the future, the market price of the artwork will be influenced by its documentation. The catalog thus facilitates market transactions for all parties involved. The scholars involved regret not being able to provide information on the market value of Adams' works. Here a contact with the Dorotheum or other auction houses is most useful. The documentation is available online in the catalog and inquiries of an artistic, biographical, or historical nature will be gladly answered.


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