Alfred Count Salm 1912


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JQAW# P_1912_050
Oil on canvas ca. 235 x 200 cm (?)
Signature: John Quincy Ɑdams 12.
Private collection USA
Image: Künstlerhausarchiv, Vienna

Count Alfred (Wilhelm Karl Alexander) von Salm-Hoogstraeten, 15.5.1851 Münster (D) to 17.6.1919 Vienna, namesake of an Arctic island.

Near-Full-length portrait in seated position his legs crossed, in oblique view, the head and gaze turned toward the viewer. The sitter is seated in a tapestry armchair with leaf motifs and wears a black tailcoat with white shirt and white tailcoat bow tie and the German Order of the Iron Cross on his lapel. The sitter is aged, his hair already thinning, revealing a high forehead. He wears a moustache, on the ring finger of his left hand a golden signet ring, in the fingers of his right hand he holds a cigar. Background executed as colored surface without objects.




1912 Künstlerhaus Vienna (EL 57 1912/1913 #2547).
1913 Künstlerhaus Vienna (EL 58 1913/14 #3470).

1913/1914 Künstlerhaus Vienna Exhibition in the Müveszház, Budapest #2.


APH, catalog raisonné JQA 1995, p. 109, cat.#77, no ill.
Also listed for a second time p.160, cat.#128, fig.#89, but there incorrectly dated as 1917.


1912-1919 the sitter.
1919- 1945 his widowAdolfine Countess Salm Vienna and her estate (until 1948).
1948 Export to the USA (BDA GZ 8219/48 13.10.1948) to the grandson Peter A. Salm New York.
1948- 1994 Peter A. Salm, New York.
Since 1994 his son Karl Ludwig Salm, Southhampton NY 11968 (unconfirmed).