Sisters Ali and Hanni Friedmann 1908


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JQAW# P_1908_110
Oil on canvas 202 x 170 cm
Signature: John Quincy Ɑdams 08
Private collection Austria, portrait lost since 1986.
Image: Color reproduction, Künstlerhausarchiv Vienna.

Child portrait of two sisters, both wearing white frilly dresses that leave their forearms exposed and black shoes. 13-year-old Ali, her brown hair braided into pigtails, is seated on a small sofa, a straw hat with pink flowers and white ribbons on her lap; 10-year-old Hanni is standing behind her, her brown hair worn open back, her hands resting on her sister's shoulder and upper arm. The living room interior includes an upholstered Art Nouveau sofa with curved backrest, a small oval table in front of it, a vase with flowers on it as well as a cushion underneath. In the background a massive marble fireplace, on the cornice of which are various decorative objects (including a vase, a silver goblet, a Biedermeier clock). Wall and floor in brown tones, in front of the sofa a Persian rug.

Alexandrine "Ali", née Friedmann, married Passini, remarried Dengler, 26.9.1895 Vienna to 16.2.1970 Vienna (2 sons). Johanna "Hanni" Marcellina, née Friedmann, married Sturm, 9.1.1898 Vienna to ??(after 1986) Maria Lanzendorf near Vienna (1 daughter).
Daughters of Max Friedmann (1864-1936, see his catalog entry) and Johanna Marcellina F., née Mihanović von Frankenhardt (1868-1942) (see their Adams portraits, also from 1908, in the cross-references).



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Max and Johanna Friedmann, Vienna.
1986 private collection, Vienna.
Since then lost.