Lead mosque in Skutari 1916

JQAW# G_1916_050
Oil on canvas dimensions unknown
Signature: likely: J. Q. Ɑdams IV 16 Skutari
Work lost

This lost work shows the so-called Lead Roof Mosque in Skutari, today's Shkodër (Albania). The historic Ottoman mosque is also known as the Lead or Mehmed Mosque. During the occupation of northern Albania in the Montenegro campaign of the k.u.k army in 1916, the delapidated mosque that lacked its roof was restored by the k.u.k. army. Adams probably captured this propaganda coup in this picture.

The picture was shown at the Adams exhibition in the Vienna Künstlerhaus in 1917 and also sold for 3000 crowns to a Mr. Alois Schwab, but has since been lost. Like all paintings from Adam's Skutari period, an expressionistic brushwork and a strong coloration can be assumed, which makes this lost painting artistically special. It is hoped that the painting will be found one day.


1917 Künstlerhaus Vienna collective Adams exhibition #36 (EL 61 1916/17 #538)



1917 acquired by Alois Schwab (Vienna?) at the exhibition.
Since then lost.