Book illustration ball donation Concordia Ball 1905

Dutch genre scene. Seated full-length portraits of a young fisherman (shown in side back view and wearing a fisherman's hat) in animated conversation with a girl, embracing her upper right arm. The girl, in front view, her head turned sideways, facing the fisherman, wearing a white hood, holding a needlework in her hands. Interior indicated only by a picture on the wall and by light reflection from a window.

JQAW# G_1905_050
B/W print on paper ca. 5 x 4 cm
Signature: Unsigned.
Original lost.
Illustration after an original of the ball donation, archive Concordia Press Club Vienna.

The original drawing (probably charcoal on paper, lost) served as a model for a book illustration of a booklet "Schiller Almanac" given as a ball donation of the Concordia Ball 1905. Book page (unnumbered) titled at upper right "John Quincy Adams." Below, a verse: "Ah, may she eternally blossom, the fair time of first love!".








Original drawing lost. Illustration based on an original of the ball donation from the archives of the Concordia Press Club Vienna.