Baroness (likely Cara) Kuffner (de Diószegh) ca. 1926


JQAW# P_1926_110
Oil on canvas dimensions unknown
Signature: unknown, but likely John Quincy Ɑdams
Work lost
No illustration available

This Adam portrait is only documented from the 1926 Künstlerhaus exhibition (#6), where it was exhibited as "Baroness Kuffner".

The sitter was likely Baroness Cara Calonine Kuffner de Diószegh, née von Haebler, 28.8.1889 Łódź (PL) to 8.6.1932 Diószegh (H, SK).
An attribution to a female member of the better-known Viennese branch of the Kuffner family is not likely, as they were only ennobled as "Edle von Kuffner" and therefore did not bear the baronial title as Baron or Baronin/Baronesse. In 1896, however, the sugar industrialist Karl Kuffner (1847-1924) from the Hungarian branch of the Kuffner family was ennobled as "de Diószegh" (Diosek, today: Sládkovičovo in Slovakia). In 1904, he was granted hereditary baronage by Emperor Franz Josef I in his capacity as King of Hungary.
Cara Caroline was the wife of Karl´s son Baron Raoul Kuffner (1886-1962). The marriage took place on 17.4.1917 and was blessed with two children: Son Peter (1920-2000) and daughter Louisanne Lilly (1925-2010). Cara Caroline died of blood poisoning already in 1932 and is buried in the Kuffner family crypt in Diószegh. Raoul Kuffner´s second marriage was to the well-known Polish painter Tamara de Lempicka (1898-1980). Racially persecuted, the family emigrated to the USA in 1939.




1926 Künstlerhaus Vienna # 6 exhibited as Baronesse Kuffner" (no entry in entry records)



Work lost (if still in existance likely to be located in the USA).