Lady in green dress on chest 1908


JQAW# P1908_030
Oil on wood ca. 70 x 53 cm (62 x 49 - probably without frame).
Signature: J. Qu. Ɑdams 908
Work lost

This lost painting is documented only by entries in auction catalogs.
It is described (summary of all entries):
Lady (Miss S.) in a green dress resting in a semi-sitting position on a chest, in front of her a vase with flowers on the ground.

This lost work is possibly in connection with the 1905/06 painting of the artists wife Steffy (Stephanie) Adams, née Sobotka, for which another pastel study/copy from 1908 is also documented in the card catalog of the Vienna Künstlerhaus, but also lost.


Steffy Adams 1905/06




Dorotheum Vienna auction 26.3.1936 Lot#22.
Dorotheum Vienna auction 30.10.1936 Lot#620.
Auction S. Kende Vienna estate Ms. Sophie Kolm 11.2.1937 Lot#530.
Dorotheum Vienna auction 17.3.1949 Lot#1.
Unknown private collection.