Lady with hat and fur stole in blue dress 1908


JQAW# P_1908_060
Pastel/colored pencil on canvas? 76 x 61 (79 x 65 cm)
Signature: John Quincy Ɑdams 908
Work lost
Image: Künstlerhausarchiv Vienna

Bust portrait in left profile view of a young lady wearing a large hat and wearing a fur stole. According to the auction catalog, she is wearing a blue dress.

This lost work is documented only by auction catalogs and the card catalog of the Künstlerhaus. In execution it is likely similar to the pastel portrait of Adam's sister-in-law Alice Hauser from 1901 (see cross-references). The person portrayed is not identified in the sources, but can be assumed to be from well-off Viennese upper middle class or aristocratic circles, since Adams was already established as a leading (and expensive) Viennese portrait painter by 1908.


Alice Hauser 1901



APH, catalog raisonné JQA 1995, p. 249, cat.#215, fig.#148.


Auction C.J. Wawra Vienna 11.12.1923 Lot#197 (estate of painter Eybl).
Dorotheum Vienna auction 12.-15.3.1974 Lot#311 (unsold).
Unknown private collection (Austria?).