Woman in red blouse ca. 1910

3/4 portrait of a woman, slightly turned to the right, her head slightly lowered. According to auction calatogue: in red bluse with white collar.

JQAW# P_1910_020
Oil on canvas 106 x 63 cm
Signature: John Quincy Ɑdams
Unknown private collection (likely USA)
Illustration: Auction catalogue North East Auctions USA auction 21.5.2000 Lot 1063

This painting, rather genre than portrait of a concrete person, is only documented through the auction catalogue of North East Auctions auction 21.5.2000 Lot 1063. It went to auction from the estate of Adams widow Frances Adams-Fritsch (1903-1999), who mentions the painting in a letter dated 15.4.1975 as an early work of the artist which she labels girl in traditional costume, which corresponds well to the rather rustic dress in the present portrait. Due to the abstract backround it is dated here as ca. 1910.


The estate of Frances Adams-Fritsch (1903-1999):

Woman with red bluse ca. 1910

Girl with clasped hands ca. 1900

Hilda Attems rondo 1916




Until 1933 with the artist.
1934-1999 from his estate to his widow Frances Adams-Fritsch New York and her estate.
2000 North East Auctions auction 21.5.2000 Lot 1063 (3400 US$).
Unknown private collection (likely USA).