Spring II ca. 1900-1905

Allegory of spring. Half portrait of a girl in side view looking to the right, her red hair falling open over her back, on her head a golden laurel wreath. She wears a green-gold dress, which leaves the upper part of the body and shoulders free, the hands are placed together as if in prayer. In the right background of the picture a tree with a dense, dark crown in front of a green meadow background.

JQAW# G_1900_090
Oil on wood 59 x 47 cm
Signature: J.Q. Ɑdams
Unknown private collection, Austria?
Image: Auction catalog Im Kinsky 15.4.2008

This Jugendstil-inspired early work by the artist was previously unknown in Adams literature and catalogs of works. The provenance is unknown, as is the collection in which the painting has been located since its auction on 15.4.2008.


Spring I ca. 1900-1905




Auction Im Kinsky Vienna 15.4.2008.
Unknown private collection Austria?