Fan sheet ball donation Concordia Ball 1907

Half-sided head portrait of a young lady with bare shoulders and short hair, on the back of the head a silver cap.

JQAW# 1907_020
Color print on wood ca. 10 x 3 cm
Signature: John Quincy Ɑdams
Original lost
Illustrations based on private photos of original fan, archive Concordia Press Club Wien.

A contribution by Adams to a collaborative artist project to design a fan for the Concordia Ball on 4.2.1907, which was widely reported in the contemporary press. Participating artists were (in order of the 12 fan leaves from left to right, cf. Cross-reference): John Quincy Adams (Girl's Head), Heinrich von Angeli (Portrait of a Woman), Arthur Ferraris (Portrait of a Woman), Paul (Paja) Joannovits ("Viennese Woman"), Isidor Kaufmann (Ruthenian Girl), Josef Kinzl (Winegrower), Carl von Merode (market woman), Kasimir Pochwalski (woman's head), Alois Hans Schram (lady), Eduard Veith (lady in ballroom), Raimund von Wichera (English beauté), Charles Wilda (Turandot).

he young lady who served as the model for the Adams Fan Sheet is unidentified, but is likely to be identical to the sitter of the 1915 portrait of a girl in the Schillerplatz Academy Vienna. The Adams original that served as a model for the print on the fan is lost.



Neue Freie Presse 29.1. 1907, p.8 Wiener Hausfrauen Zeitung 1907, main section, p. 84.


Original document lost. Fan illustrations based on an original fan from the archives of the Concordia Press Club Vienna.