Field Marshal Lieutenant Trollmann 1916

Half-length portrait (lower half not finished), slightly turned to the right, looking at the viewer. Trollmann with a powerful moustache, the ends turned upwards, without headgear, in gray field uniform, the chest decorated with nine medals. Background flat field gray color, structured only by brushwork.

JQAW# P_1916_030
Oil on canvas 82 x 62 cm
Signature: John Quincy Ɑdams Skutari 4.IV.1916.
Army History Museum HGM Vienna Inv.No. KBI147 Bez.No. 2868/2007

Ignaz Trollmann, 25.11.1860 Steyr to 3.2.1919 Graz. For his military career see cross-references.
At the beginning of the war commander 18th Infantry Troop Division, from 1915 commander XIX Corps, deployment mainly on the Balkan front. For his part in the conquest of the Lovcen mountain (8-10.1.1916) he received the Knight's Cross of the Order of Maria Theresa (the highest military decoration of k.u.k. Army) in 1917 and the accompanying elevation to the rank of baron with the addition "von Lovcenberg". He also died relatively young immediately after the end of the monarchy.

The portrait Trollmann was painted in 1916 in Skutari, where the corps command was based after the occupation of northern Albania. At that time Adams also painted the Lovcen (see cross-references) as well as a series of pictures of the Muslim-Christian mixed civilian population in a new expressionist "Skutari" style (see catalog of works keyword search "Skutari"). Conversely, the Trollmann portrait is conventional military style. Only in the refined coloring and in the background (the background continues the field-gray of the uniform and is executed entrely abstract) Adams deviates from portraiture conventions. The portrait Trollmann already refers to many Adams civilian portraits after the end of the war.


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War Press Corps Vienna to k.u.k. Army Museum.
Museum of Army History HGM Vienna Inv.No.KBI156 Bez.Nr.2973/2007