Husar 1889

Equestrian portrait of a hussar on horseback, the horse depicted during a jump. Hussar's right hand is raised, a saber dangles from it.

JQAW# Z_1889_010
Pen and ink drawing on paper ?? x ?? cm
Signature: Adams 29.3. 89.
Inscribed in German: In memory of your brother John 8.9.
Private collection Germany.

Earliest preserved work by Adams. The pen and ink drawing of the 15-year-old is remarkable in its dynamism and the faithful depiction of the horse, which suggests a redrawing from a template. Dedicated to either his sister Mary (Mizzi, 1875-1973) or Luise (Elise, 1866-1962) Adams (both née Teltscher), who kept the drawing for decades until Adams emigrated to the United States in the family apartment at Vienna VI, Corneliusgasse 2 (where Adams was also born).





Mary and Luise Teltscher, sisters of the artist, Vienna.
Exported to the USA in 1951 to LuiseTeltscher, Boston (BDA 1210/51).
Before 1985 gift to Harriet Walderdorff, Salzburg.
Her family descendants.
Private collection Germany.