In an submarine (reproduction) 1916

A sailor in a K.u.K. submarine. Sailor, in side view, is standing, leaning forward, opening a torpedo hatch. White sailor's trousers and blue and white striped sleeveless sailor's shirt. Technical equipment of the submarine with torpedo carriages and hatches, pressure gauge, power lines and lighting fixtures shown in detail.

JQAW# G_1916_140
Contemporary reproduction. Original lost.
Oil on canvas(?) ?? x ?? cm.
Signature: John Quincy Ɑdams U-Boot VI
Contemporary poster reproduction.

This lost painting was created on the occasion of Adams' stay at the war port of Pola in the spring of 1916. The U6 submarine mentioned in the title was sunk by its own crew on 13.5. 1916 after an accident. Remarkable is the full signature, incl. the Quincy middle name, which Adams used only rarely in his pictures during WWI. Image after published poster ed. by the k.u.k. War Ministry, Hermes Verlag, Vienna. Original painting lost.





Unknown. Original lost. Reproduction (poster) k.u.k.. War Ministry Vienna, private collection Austria.