Going to church in Skutari 1916

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Oil on canvas 32 x 65 cm
Signature: J.Q. Ɑdams IV 16. Skutari
Unknown private collection
Illustration: Auction catalog Dorotheum Vienna 1975

Street scene in a small Albanian town (Skutari). Foreground: sunlit street, behind it a church with three gates, the middle one half open. The church facade is divided by pilasters with capitals, next to the right side gate there is a semicircular window. On the street, striving towards the church entrance several groups of people, which are represented only schematically.

This strongly expressionistic sketch probably represents the entrance to St. Stephen's Cathedral (completed in 1865) in Skutari (Shkodra, Alabania), where in April 1916 Adams made numerous (at least 8 are attested) paintings in a strongly expressionistic style and in vivid colors, significantly deviating from his earlier genre paintings and representing a new modern style, summarized here as the "Skutari period".

The painting was shown in the Adams Collective Exhibition in 1917 (according to the Künstlerhaus archive from the collection of Prof. Weese), then was lost until the 1975 auction at the Dorotheum Vienna. Since then in unknown private ownership.


Paintings from the Skutari period:

Going to church (this work).
Lead-roof mosque (lost).
Cattle market (lost, LOST ART!!).
Blacksmith shop (lost).
Children in factory.
Mother and child.
Noble Albanian woman (lost).
Albanian spy (lost).


1917 Künstlerhaus Vienna Collective Exhibition John Quincy Adams No. 53 (EL 61 1916/17 #529).


APH, catalog raisonné JQA 1995, 1995, p. 149, cat.#117, fig. 84.


1916 from the artist to Prof. Weese, Vienna.
1975 Dorotheum Vienna auction 13./15.5.1975 lot 231.
Unknown private collection (Vienna?).