Kirlibaba 1916

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JQAW# Z_1916_010
Charcoal on paper, dimensions unknown.
Signature: Ɑdams 18.IV.
Private collection, Germany.

A wide river valley with a bridge connecting two parts of a village. On the left slope behind the houses rises a little church with a small ridge turret bell tower. In the foreground, a row of wooden pillars preparing either an unfinished fence or military barriers. At the fence, a soldier with a rifle stands guard. In the background, wooded slopes, with mountain peaks behind.

Virtually the only preparatory sketch that survives from Adam's time as a war painter. It aptly illustrates how he captured the overall impression for a planned painting in a quick sketch. The landscape and dating refer to the mining village of Kirlibaba (formed from the settlements of Mariensee and Ludwigsdorf, now Cârlibaba, Romania) in Bukovina. The sketch gives the impression of this village very well, as a comparison with photos of the war press office dated 1.1.1917 (see cross-references) shows. The drawing has survived from the artist's estate and is in the possession of his family descendants.






Artist's estate.
Mary (Mizzi) and Luise Elise Teltscher, sisters of the artist.
Exported to the USA in 1951 to Luise Elise Teltscher, Boston (BDA 1210/51).
Gift to Harriet Walderdorff, Salzburg.
Her family descendants.
Private collection Germany.