Little Dutch girl 1902

Full-length portrait of a small Dutch girl in traditional costume with a light-colored hood and wooden shoes (clogs). The girl is standing on a quay wall, on the left the water of a canal, on the right a wooden fence.

JQAW# G_1902_040
Pastel on paper ca. 100 x 60 cm
Signature: none recognizable
Illustration: Exhibition catalog, The Children's World St. Petersburg 1903/04, p.118
Work lost.

This work, hitherto unknown in the Adams literature, is documented by a photograph of an exhibition room of the Austrian Pavilion at the International Exhibition Die Kinderwelt in St. Petersburg 1904/05. The work is probably identical to the pastel Kleine Holländerin, which was exhibited in 1902 in Wiener Künstlerhaus (EL #44 1902 #149), and which provided the title to the present work. The painting is lost.



1902 Künstlerhaus Vienna ?
(EL #44 1902 #149).


Exhibition The World of Children St. Petersburg 1903/04.
Since then lost.