Count Ledochowski and Captain Grosz 1916

JQAW# P_1916_090
Oil on canvas, dimensions unknown
Signature: unknown
Work lost
Picture: not available

Count Vladimir (Franz de Paula Johann) "Włodzu" Ledochowski 24.12.1865 Ungar-Hradisch (Uherské Hradiště, CZ) to 5.8.1933 Vienna, cavalry officer, wing adjudant of Emperor Charles, companion of the Emperor in exile.

Rittmeister Grosz: no biographical data available.

This lost work is documented only from the 1917 exhibition at the Künstlerhaus, where it remained unsold and was returned to Adams on 3/28/1917. It was probably sold later, as it does not appear in the artist's estate. The painting was created in 1916 on the Dolomite front. A photo of the front visit of Archduke Charles (from November 1916 Emperor Charles) where the two are depicted has been preserved in a book publication (see cross-references) and is the only pictorial document of these two officers.


1917 Künstlerhaus Vienna exhibition John Quincy Adams (EL 61 1916/17 #549).



Work lost