Luise Eisner 1926

Casual full-length portrait. The sitter is stretched sideways in a seated position in a large yellow chair, looking at the viewer; her right arm rests on the chair's back cushion, her left arm on her lap, her legs crossed, wearing golden slippers. Dress: red patterned silk dress with color-coordinated feather edging of the décolleté and a single-row pearl necklace and pearl ring. Living interior merely indicated by a carpet.

JQAW# P_1926_120
Oil on canvas 157 x 139 cm
Signature: John Quincy Ɑdams 1926
Belvedere Vienna Inv.No. 5554

Luise Eisner Belvedere Wien Inv.Nr. 5554

Luise (Aloisia), née Edle von Bartolommei d'Alda, through last marriage Princess Odescalchi (20.1.1887 Vienna to 13.3.1962 Vienna).
1st marriage (1908-1913) to aviation pioneer (Etrich Taube) Ignaz Igo Etrich (1879-1967), 2nd marriage (1922-1938) to Berlin iron industrialist Paul Eisner (Albert Hahn Röhrenwalzwerke), 3rd marriage (dates unknown) to Mr. Fink, 4th marriage (1949-1962) to Laszlo (Prince) Odescalchi de Szerém (1893-1967). Residences in Vienna, Berlin and Kitzbühel (since 1934), deceased 1962 in Vienna and buried in the Odescalchi family crypt in Hiezig.

The portrait probably represents the epitome of Adams' glamorous female portrait style and anticipates the formal language of later "pin-up girls". The portrait was awarded the "Viennese People's Prize" at the 1926 Künstlerhaus exhibition, i.e. it was determined by visitor vote to be the most popular work and was published many times (including as the cover of the magazine Moderne Welt). The portrayed was a much described and depicted Viennese beauty (several photo portraits of Madame d'Ora, i.e. Dora Kallmus), married several times, who knew how to combine her high-society lifestyle (for example as one of the first women to board an "Aeroplan" - an airplane prototype - in 1910) with charitable commitment (among other things as a lion tamer at a charity gala). In addition to her Adams portrait, which was bequeathed to the Belvedere, her charitable commitment lives on through two Luise Eisner-Odescalchi foundations in Kitzbühl and Vienna, which support needy children and young people.


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