Mother with child ca 1900-1905

Mother with child, in a sitting position holding the child, who embraces the mother with its left arm. Mother wears a blue robe with a white veil/cape covering her head; the child is naked. In the background an almost barren landscape, to the left of the mother blooming rose bushes.

Oil on wood 61 x 47 cm
Signature: J. Q. Ɑdams.
Private collection Austria.

The painting, cites classical depictions of the Madonna. Based on its stylistics and signature it is likely an early work of Adams, dated here with about 1900 to 1905.





Auction Dorotheum Vienna 22.9.2010 Lot 71 (unsold). Auction Dorotheum Vienna 9.6.2011 Lot 54 (unsold). Dorotheum Vienna private sales 2017.
Private collection Austria.