After work 1911

On a small alley lined with small one-story fishermen's cottages, a group of people in Dutch costume has gathered. Three--a man and two women--are sitting on a tree trunk, with two other women standing next to (from the viewer's perspective: behind) the sitters. The man on the right in the foreground is wearing a fisherman’s costume, wooden shoes, a cap and has a white porcelain pipe in his mouth. To his left sits a young woman with her hands in her lap and her gaze directed into the distance. Next to her is an older woman, dressed all in white and knitting. Next to her is another woman standing, also knitting. To her left is a young woman standing, contemplating the scene.

JQAW# G_1911_010
Oil on canvas 74 x 60 cm
Signature: John Quincy Ɑdams Volendam 911
Image: Auction catalog Dorotheum 13.3.1919
Work lost.

This street scene from the fishing village of Volendam, not far from Amsterdam, was painted in 1911, probably during one of Adams' last visits to the Netherlands. The scene radiates tranquility and peaceful community. The residents have obviously met for a chat after work, which also explains the traditional title "after work". The picture is documented only from the auction catalog of the Dorotheum Vienna auction on 13.3.1919 (with a B/W image). It was probably auctioned again in 1938 with the same title at the Dorotheum, but there different dimensions (70 x 57 cm) were given, which probably refers to the pure picture size without frame, whereas the size according to the 1919 catalog was 74 x 60 cm. Since these auctions, the picture is lost.


Angelus 1901




Auction Dorotheum Vienna
13.3.1919 Lot 57.
Auction Dorotheum Vienna 21.-22.6.1938.
Since then lost.