Pra di Contrin 1915

Narrow mountain valley with spruce forest stands, in winter high mountain landscape. In the background two massive mountain ranges (Sassolungo, left, and Sella, right) and snowy mountain ranges.

JQAW# L_1915_020
Oil on canvas on cardboard 38.5 x 53 cm
Signature: John Quincy Ɑdams Pra di Contrin 27.XI.15
Private collection Austria.

One of the relatively rare landscape paintings by Adams. Painted on the battlefield in the South Tyrolean Dolomites south of Passo Pardoi. Described in the 1917 exhibition as "Positions on Pra di Contrin" (KH EL 62 #747), but these military implements are not visible, making this a simple landscape painting.


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1917 Great Berlin Art Exhibition, Düsseldorf.

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Emil Weinberger, auction J.C. Wawra 26.3.1918, lot 1, 4000 Kr (EL 62 #747). Unknown.
Collection Dr. Heinrich Rieger, Vienna.
1949 Dr. Robert Rieger, New York (export BDA Zl. 886/49; GZ 5972/49).
?? Collection Prof. Heinrich Fuchs, Vienna.
2017 City Gallery Vienna.
Private collection Austria.