Self portrait 1906

Bust portrait en face, head turned slightly sideways to the right, dressed in suit, gilet and tie.

JQAW# P_1906_010
Charcoal on paper 15.5 x 12.4 cm
Signature: John Quincy Ɑdams - with (subsequent) dedication: In memory of your
Private collection Austria

This is only known self-portrait by Adams (apart from the family portrait) and was made in 1906 (dates of the other self-portraits in the volume: March to May 1906) for the book publication Self-portraits of famous Viennese artists (Elbemühl 1907, p.5) and later revised (see image comparison) and amended with a dedication. The original version is cursory, probably made from a photographic template, and does not reach the level of characterization and execution of Philip de László's (1869-1937) masterful portrait made at the same time (1906), see image comparison.



Selbstportraits berühmter Wiener Künstler. Gezeichnet für das "Illustrierte Wiener Extrablatt", Elbmühl Verlag, Wien 1907, p.5.

Eintrag JQA S.5


Estate of the artist.
Gustl and Hedwig Frank, Vienna (son-in-law and father and stepmother of Adams' grandchildren Barbara and Nina after his daughter Gladys Frank, née Adams, who died in an accident in 1932).
Barbara Hillis, née Frank, remarried Hinman (granddaughter of the painter), Delhi, New York. Her descendants.
Art trade USA and Vienna (Boris Wilnitsky).
Private collection Austria.