Soldier grave 1916

Soldier's grave, enclosed by stones and covered with boards, marked with a wooden cross erected on a stone base, in a mountainous, stony landscape under cloudy sky. In the background tunnel entrances and wooden barracks.

JQAW# G_1916_150
Oil on canvas 36 x 48 cm
Signature: Unsigned
Belvedere Vienna Inv. # 9234

Soldatengrab Belvedere Wien Inv.Nr. 9234

This unsigned Memento Mori oil sketch was probably made in 1916 on the Dolomite front (tunnel entrances in the background indicate the mountain war in the Alps). Based on the landscape, a location on the slopes of Zugna Torta, near Rovereto and Lake Garda, a mountain range that was particularly hard fought over and claimed many victims (see cross-reference), can probably be assumed. The only work documented sold directly from the artist's estate in 1933 (proofs of authenticity on the back signed by Franziska [Frances] Adams [his 2nd wife] and a notary).


Zugna Torta 1916



Estate of the artist.
1933 sale to unknown private collection.
1995 Donation from private collection New York, to Belvedere Vienna, Inv. # 9234.