Standing girl with bunch of flowers 1916

Full body portrait of a standing blonde girl with a bunch of primroses in front of a landscape background. She wears a white dress with short billowed sleeves, in the hair a white mesh.

According to the signature, this unknown girl, which cannot be identified due to a lack of provenance information, was created during the war in 1916 in Salzburg Neustadt. The girl's father was probably a senior military officer who entrusted the portrait to the painter known to him.

JQAW# P_1916_230
Oil on canvas 105 x 75 cm
Signature: John Quincy Ɑdams 1916. Neustadt.
Art trade Vienna
Image: courtesy Boris Wilnitsky Fine Arts, Vienna





2014 auction Michael Zeller (Lindau, D) 11.4.2014 Lot 01852 and auction 19.9.2014 Lot 01072 (unsold).
2020 art trade Vienna.
2020 auction Dorotheum Vienna 9.11.2020 Lot 625 (unsold).
2023 Boris Wilnitsky Fine Arts, Vienna (for sale).