Academic study of a young lady in a black dress 1894

Academic Study. Bust portrait of a young lady in a black dress, the shoulder area padded out, the black locks of hair falling into her face; front view, head turned slightly sideways, looking into the distance.

JQAW# Z_1894_180
Charcoal on dark paper 41 x 32 cm
Signature: Adams 94
Private collection Austria.

This drawing is from a portfolio from Adams' Viennese student days (1892-1896). The model's serious, somewhat haggard expression is probably due to her economic plight, which compelled her to attend the paid modeling session, and is aptly captured.



1986 Academy Schillerplatz Vienna 1986, Viennese Society in Portrait, Catalog No. 2.


Schaffer/Eisenberger 1986, Austellungskatalog #2 (no ill.)


From the artist to:
Mary (Mizzi) and Luise Elise Teltscher, sisters of the artist. Exported to the USA in 1951 to Luise Elise Teltscher, Boston (BDA 1210/51).
Gift to Harriet Walderdorff, Salzburg.
Her family descendants,
private collection, Austria.