Study for Kaiserjäger homage 1916


Portrait and adjustment study for the painting Kaiserjäger homage 1916.
Left ¾ portrait study of Colonel Fischer von See, his right hand raised in salute. Top right head portrait profile view from left, study of First Lieutenant Friedrich Stolz (designation OBERL. STOLZ by other hand?), below foot dressing study of Kaiserjäger officer (Fischer von See?).

JQAW# P-1916_050
Oil on canvas, dimensions unknown
Signature: John Quincy Ɑdams V 16?
Unknown owner and location
Sepia-tone photo, Künstlerhaus Archive Vienna

Colonel August Moriz Josef Fischer von See 7.1.1866 Zadar to 10.11.1916 Pasubio ((see his catalog entry).

Oberleutnant Friedrich Stolz, 3rd Kaiserjäger Regiment, biographical data unknown, but ca. 1895 to 1917?
Friedrich Stolz was promoted to lieutenant in April 1914 and to first lieutenant before May 1915. In February 1915 he was awarded the Military Cross of Merit 3rd Class with War Decoration, and in August 1915 he was awarded the "Highest Commendation for Brave Conduct before the Enemy" by the Emperor. Wounded in September 1915. In the fall of 1916 with the 3rd Kaiserjäger Regiment (under the command of Colonel August Fischer von See) in positions on the Pasubio in Trento, Italy. Unclear reports say that he was killed or taken prisoner of war in January 1917. After that there are no further traces of him.

The present oil sketches served as preparation for the monumental painting Kaiserjäger homage, which Adams made in the fall of 1916 on the Dolomite front at the Pasubio Pass. The portrait sketch of August Fischer von See was probably the model for his portrait, which Adams also made in 1916 (see its catalog entry). The head profile sketch of First Lieutenant Friedrich Stolz (who is not depicted in the Kaiserjäger homage) is the only remaining evidence of his existence, which would otherwise have been consigned to the oblivion of history. The sketch sheet is one of the few surviving works by the artist that document how thoroughly he prepared his paintings by means of sketches and studies, and is therefore of particular value and interest. The study is likely identical to the painting "Colonel Fischer & Adjutant" shown at the Adams Exhibition in the Vienna Künstlerhaus (EL 61 1916/17 #546).


1917 Künstlerhaus Vienna exhibition John Quincy Adams (EL 61 1916/17 #546).


APH, catalog raisonné JQA 1995, 1995, p. 130, cat.#98, fig. 69.


Owner/location unknown.