Teddy Blyth 1905

Bust portrait of a 2‐year‐old boy, en face, looking at the viewer. The boy has long dark-blond curly hair and blue eyes. Around his neck he wears a large medallion. He is wrapped in a transparent white fabric. Background blue‐green sky and two deciduous trees.

JQAW# P_1905_080
Pastel on velour, rondo, 49 x47 cm
Signature: John Q. Ɑdams 905

Belvedere Wien Inv.No. 9737

Teddy Blyth Belvedere Wien Inv.Nr. 9737

Edward John George Picton ("Teddy") Blyth, 1903 Vienna to 1969 Munich.
Born into a wealthy English‐German merchant family that sold English luxury goods in the monarchy (Stone & Blyth company). Classical boarding school education at Eton. In the 20's member of the upper class jeunesse dorée of Vienna. Increasing economic problems of the family. Joined the NSDAP as early as 1936, changed from English to German citizenship after the 1938 Annexation of Austria (Anschluss). During the war, member of the SS, deployment in Lemberg (Lwiw, Ukraine) in a leading administrative function. American prisoner of war, classified as a follower with minor implications. Marriage. Final loss of family property. Moves to Munich. Birth of a son. Deceased in 1969.

The portrait Teddy Blyth continues a series of child portraits that Adams began shortly after 1900. Often executed in pastel technique and also as a rondo, there are a number of comparable child portraits to Teddy Blyth (see cross‐references), including the portrait of Victor Luithlen, also in the Belvedere, also from 1905. Many of these portrait commissions were given to Adams by his wider relatives or by acquaintances who shared his sporting interests. In the case of Teddy Blyth, Adams was probably acquainted with his father Edward (Eduard) Picton Alois and his brother Earnest (Ernst), who were early football pioneers of Vienna (‐1892 founding of the Vienna Cricket Club, 1894 expanded to Cricket and Football Club). Who could have guessed in 1905, which changeful fate with also dark chapters would characterize the future life of the dear boy?

Catalog entry bioraphy: Edward Blyth, Other: the publisher (AG).




1905‐?? Blyth family Vienna. Unknown.
2008 Purchase from private collection Salzburg by Belvedere Vienna, Inv. No. 9737