Venice 1898


JQAW# G_1898_010
Oil on wood 64 x 35 cm
Signature (scratched in wet paint): J Q Ɑdams. 98. Venice.
Private collection USA.

This early work by the artist, which surfaced recently (2022) in the Viennese art trade, depicts the back of the Palazzo Dario in Venice (an often depicted tourist view of Venice). The work was probably intended for quick sale, which explains both the motif and the rather small format of the painting. A handwritten note on the back of the painting indicates that it was presented as a birthday gift in 1901. This, together with the signature carved into the still fresh paint (in the gray pavement in the right foreground of the picture), leave no doubt about the authenticity of the work. In contrast, the second signature applied in the lower left corner of the picture was executed later by a foreign hand (probably during a restoration) and in a completely untypical Adams style.


Grado lagoon 1900




2022 art trade Vienna.
2023 auction Dorotheum Vienna 26.6.2023 Lot 70.
Private collection USA.