Female nude in landscape 1911

Female nude in landscape (on lakeshore). The nude in standing position, only lightly supported by her left foot, hands slightly bent, fingers spread, hair pinned up in a knot at the back. She is standing on sloping meadow, in the background deciduous trees and a blue lake.

JQAW# G_1911_060
Oil on cardboard 70 x 47 cm
Signature: J. Q. Ɑdams
Unknown private collection (Austria?)

This nude study has a number of parallels to the nude study at Wolfgangsee 1911. The model (figure, hairstyle) is likely identical in both pictures, the light refers to an early morning hours and the depicted lakeside is probably at the Wolfgangsee. Due to the similarity, this undated picture can also be dated in 1911, although the signature J Q Ɑdams (trimmed in the image of the auction catalog and therefore difficult to read) would otherwise rather indicate an earlier date (until about 1905). However, Adams still signed genre paintings with first name initials several times later (especially during World War I). The technique (oil on cardboard) and the smaller dimensions (70x47 compared to 94x70 cm) suggest that this painting was created in preparation for the larger nude study.

Remarkable in the painting's provenance is that it was in the possession of Prof. Ernst Wertheim (1864-1920) until his death, a person with whom Adams was well acquainted (they were also personal friends). This relationship enabled Adams to depict a gynecological operation by Prof. Wertheim in 1909 working directly in the operating room (see cross-references).




Prof. Ernst Wertheim, Vienna. His estate auction Kende 20.4. 1920 lot 168.
Dorotheum Vienna auction 8.5.1991 Lot 68.