Windmill near Edam 1903

Windmill in Dutch marsh landscape crossed by S-shaped watercourse. Rain-covered gray cloudy sky. In the left foreground and center of the picture two wooden structures (toilets) standing on stilts. In the center the windmill with a thatched farmhouse and a tree surrounded by wooden fences.

JQAW# G_1903_070
Oil on canvas 54 x 49 cm
Signature: J. Ɑdams 903
Private collection Austria

The original title "Windmill near Edam" refers to the fishing village of Volendam near Amsterdam and Edam, which Adams regularly visited in the period 1901 to 1911. The genre landscape painting, which aptly depicts the vastness of the Dutch countryside and the mood on a cloudy dull day, is entirely in the tradition of the Viennese Stimmungsimpressionismus, as also represented in the paintings of Tina Blau (who also visited Volendam in 1905). The only known landscape painting by Adams from the Volendam period.


1903 Künstlerhaus Vienna (EL 46 1903/04 #2626).

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Carl Habig, Vienna, purchase KH exhibition 1903 (EL 46 1903/04 #2626).
Auction Dorotheum Vienna 18.3. 1986, lot 1.
Private collection Austria.