Two sisters 1923


JQAW# P_1923_020
Oil on canvas 94 x 81 cm
Signature: John Quincy Ɑdams 1923
Unknown private collection USA
Illustration: 1stDbis internet trading platform Atlanta USA 2021

This Adams portrait of two sisters offered on the internet sales platform 1stDbis in Atlanta, USA 2021 was sold to an unknown private collection. The seller was unable to provide any information about the provenance or the children depicted, who must therefore remain unidentified, but a background from an (probably Jewish) upper middle class family of Vienna (the painting was probably taken with them when they emigrated to the USA) is likely.

Stylistically, the very cursory execution is noteworthy, more reminiscent of a portrait sketch, as is the color scheme, which quotes the iconic portrait of the Comtesse Pepinella Colloredo Mannsfeld (also from 1923). This similarity is likely not coincidental, probably reflecting the wish of the parents of the two sisters, impressed by the masterful Colloredo portrait when it was displayed in Vienna.


Comtesse Colloredo 1923




Private collection, USA.
Sold at 1stDbis trading platform Atlanta 2021.
Unknown private collection, USA.