Mother and child 1914


JQAW# G_1914_020
Oil on wood 46 x 37 cm
Signature: John Quincy Ɑdams 914
Unknown private collcetion
Illustration: Artnet sale date 23.10.1996

Offered at auction on 23.10.1996 as "mother comforting her child" according to the Artnet auction database, this small format work is the last documented painting from Adam's Volendam period. As almost always at auctions, provenance and buyer are unknown.

A comparison with similar motifs by the artist (see cross-references) clearly shows his stylistic development from Art Nouveau-inspired historicism (1900-1905 to the Barbizon School-inspired atmospheric impressionism of his Volendam genre paintings (1901-1914), to the expressionist late style of his Skutari (Albania) paintings (1916).




Auction 26.10.1996 (Location unknown).
Unknown private collection.